Computes the Projection depth of a point or vectors of points with respect to a multivariate data set.

depthProjection(u, X, ndir = 1000, threads = -1)



Numerical vector or matrix whose depth is to be calculated. Dimension has to be the same as that of the observations.


The data as a matrix, data frame or list. If it is a matrix or data frame, then each row is viewed as one multivariate observation. If it is a list, all components must be numerical vectors of equal length (coordinates of observations).


number of directions used in computations


number of threads used in parallel computations. Default value -1 means that all possible cores will be used.


Irrespective of dimension, Projection and Tukey's depth is obtained by approximate calculation.

Returns the depth of multivariate point u with respect to data set X.


x <- matrix(rnorm(3000), nc = 3) a <- depthProjection(x, x, ndir = 2000)